Mt. Doug Student Prime Minister Application

Prime Minister Application 2021/2022

***Completed applications are due to Mrs. Morson by 9am on Thurs, Oct. 14th by PDF or in-person.

If elected, you must enroll in the Community Leadership Class and take on Prime Minister duties.

Expected Duties of the Prime Minister(s):

1. Will lead Mount Doug Community Leadership (MDCL) meetings and chair the executive council
2. Will report MDCL activities at monthly staff meetings and monthly RAMPAC meetings
3. Will act as a spokesperson for Mount Douglas in the non-school community
4. Will act as a liaison between Administration & students
5. Will support the endeavors and projects of fellow MDCL members and other student leaders
6. Will oversee relations with local businesses regarding fundraising for various MDCL events
7. Will promote school spirit among students
8. Will coordinate a welcoming event such as the Corn Roast in September
9. Will oversee MDCL activities and events.
10. Will ensure that correspondence such as thank you notes are distributed by event leaders