SD61 Monthly Snapshot – June 2023

SNAPSHOTS – Supporting Our Students by Supporting Those Who Care For Them

Snapshots provide a wide range of mental health and wellness information and resources to support students and families as they navigate their way through the K-12 years. The information in the Snapshots offers the opportunity for parents and caregivers to initiate conversations with their child(ren) that will help them to make positive decisions about their mental and physical well-being.

June’s Snapshots provide helpful suggestions for parents and caregivers to support their children’s understanding of diversity and inclusion.

If we think of humanity as a large family, then to be inclusive means that everyone has a place at the table. No one is excluded, marginalized, or left out. Everyone has something to offer. Often inclusiveness is described as something we should do to benefit others; however, when we are inclusive our world becomes larger, and we gain relationships and experiences that enrich us.

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