November 2022 – Snapshot

Secondary – Is your Teen Tired?

October 2022 – Snapshot

SNAPSHOTS – Supporting Our Students by Supporting Those Who Care For Them Snapshots provide a wide range of mental health and wellness information and resources to support students and families as they navigate their way through the K-12 years. The information in the Snapshots offers the opportunity for parents and… Read more

September 2022 First Week Schedule

Tuesday, September 6 Grade 9 9:30-11:30 (Report to Gym, your Homeroom, then you will walk through your timetable classrooms). *Homeroom list to be emailed to families before September 6th. Grade 10 & 11 12:00 (Report to Gym) 12:30 (Report to Homeroom) Grade 12 12:00 (Report to Homeroom) 12:30 (Report to… Read more

Welcome to Mount Douglas

It is the mission of Mount Douglas Secondary to help each and every child realize his or her full potential and become a responsible and productive citizen and life-long learner who is able to use technology effectively and appreciate the multi-cultural society in which we live as we prepare for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Our School