Career Life Education

A person’s career is considered their “journey” through life, and the Career Education curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue this journey in personally meaningful and goal-oriented ways. Career-life development with intent is the ongoing process of self-discovery, growth in competence, and learning from experiences in educational, work-related, and personal life contexts.

Grades 10-12: Pursuing Preferred Futures in Career-Life Development

In Grades 10-12, students further refine personal career-life development goals through experiential learning, cultivating community connections, gathering authentic evidence of learning, and reflecting on competency development. They explore post-graduation possibilities in diverse educational, work, and personal life contexts and build the personal career-life management skills needed to effectively pursue who and how they want to be in the world. Career-Life Education (CLE) and Career-Life Connections (CLC) are part of the graduation requirements, and Career-Life Connections includes a career-life exploration component and a capstone.

For many students, contemplating career-life possibilities becomes prominent for the first time during grades 10-12. Curriculum that provides an intentionally aligned learning progression encourages students to move from exploring various career-life possibilities and practicing employability skills to applying their refined self-knowledge and career-life strategies as they move forward in advancing preferred future possibilities.


Students planning to apply DIRECTLY to university out of highschool,  need 4-6 academic Grade 12 courses for their application. The number of courses and the specific courses depend on the university and the faculty they are applying to. Students that are looking to go to college after highschool do not need to have academic courses, they just need to meet graduation requirements.

List of Academic Courses offered at Mount Douglas Secondary:

Computer Science

Computer Programming 12 (only accepted by certain universities)

Computer Science 12


Creative Writing 12 (not offered for the 2022/2023 school year)

English First Peoples 12 (not offered for the 2022/2023 school year)

English Studies 12

Literary Studies 12 (only for AP students)


French 12

Mandarin 12

Spanish 12


Calculus 12

Foundations of Mathematics 12 (not offered for the 2022/2023 school year)

Geometry 12

Pre-calculus 12

Statistics 12


Anatomy & Physiology 12

Chemistry 12

Climate Change (Environmental Science) 12

Physics 12

Social Studies

BC First Nations Studies 12 (not offered for the 2022/2023 school year)

20th Century World History 12

Comparative Cultures 12

Law 12

Physical Geography 12


MyBlueprint is an amazing education and career planning tool that is used in the Career Life Education class.

  • Learning and Personality Inventories to match your strengths and interests to specific careers
  • Explore careers
  • Explore education and training
  • Build a portfolio and set goals for your future

Work BC

NEW Career Search Tool

NEW Career Resources for Parents

Researcher Interview Series – Collection of video interviews with researchers in the Clayoquot Biosphere Region aimed at increasing awareness of marine, environmental, and sustainability sciences and inspiring youth to pursue careers in STEM fields.