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Year 2023-2024


Our Inter-Scholastic Athletic Program endeavours to provide opportunities and instruction towards developing the student athlete’s individual skills, physical fitness, knowledge of team strategies and game rules and ability to work with others towards a team goal. The sports we offer include Volleyball, Field Hockey, Football, Cross Country, Rowing, Swimming, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Tennis, Track and Field, and Golf. Follow the link for a complete seasonal list of sports at Mount Doug along with time commitment.

The Rams Football team is a feature unique to Mount Doug. Full gear practices begin the third week in August with practices scheduled up to four days per week. The BC Secondary Schools Football Association hosts one game per week starting the first week in September. The Championship playoff games are played at B.C. Place in November.

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Mount Douglas Athletic Philosophy

The coaching staff of Mount Douglas is committed to offering an extra-curricular athletic program that will provide a range of competitive experiences. All participants will have the opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, enjoyment, and experience within each athletic activity. All activities will stress the development of a positive and respectful attitude while provided the opportunity to develop and grow.

We strive to maintain the competitiveness of our teams, yet at the same time, we ensure that each player can make a significant contribution to the team’s success. Generally, players will be placed on teams within their own age categories; however, there may be circumstances when it is clearly advantageous for a student to play in a higher age group, or where there are insufficient numbers to form a team at a lower grade level, players may be merged with a higher age group team. In these cases, the decision to “play up” will be made in consultation with the student, the parents, and coaches concerned.

Junior Teams – Grade 9 / 10

During non-league or exhibition matches, coaches will emphasize maximum participation and skill development for all players. During league play and playoff games, participation will be according to work ethic, commitment to the team, skill level, personal conduct, and coaching strategy / decisions required during a specific game.

Senior Teams – Grade 11 / 12

The senior level is a competitive level and, as such, participation will be based on work ethic, commitment to the team, skill level, personal conduct, and the coach’s discretion.

Badminton(Jr. & Sr.)Feb - May
BasketballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - March
BasketballGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - March
Cross CountryCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
CurlingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - Feb
Field HockeyGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
FootballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Aug - Dec
GolfCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)March - May
RowingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
SoccerBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
SoccerGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Feb - May
SwimmingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
TennisCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)March - June
Track & FieldCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Feb - June
Ultimate FrisbeeCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)March - May
VolleyballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
VolleyballGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov

Academic Requirements for Student-Athletes at Mount Douglas

In order for student-athletes to remain eligible to participate in interschool athletics and represent Mt. Douglas, the following three criteria must be met:

  1. Academic Success – a student must be passing or making a concerted effort to be passing all of his/her current courses, including any courses undertaken outside of Mt. Douglas.
  2. Academic Help – any student who is not passing an academic course must seek and receive academic support from either: (a) a Mt. Douglas peer-tutor; (b) a community/private tutor; or (c) a Mt. Douglas teacher.
  3. Academic Effort – a student must be demonstrating a concerted effort in his/her current courses. Such information would be anecdotally provided by a student’s current teachers, or garnered from the ‘work habit’ grade on a student’s report card (Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement).  This includes class behavior as well as attendance (including lates).

Those student-athletes who fail to meet the reasonable criteria noted above will be placed on academic probation and removed from practice and competition.  Such failure to meet the criteria will be assessed by coaches, administration, and/or the athletic director (Mr. Ball).

Any student-athlete who is placed on academic probation will have a meeting with coaches, parents, administration, and/or the athletic director in order to determine the steps involved in allowing the student-athlete to return to competition.  This may include, but is not limited to, the process outlined below.

To be removed from academic probation, and return to practice and competition, a student-athlete must:

  1. Improve academic success in the specific course(s) that is/are not meeting the expected standards.
  2. If deemed appropriate, demonstrate a desire and willingness to improve.


Playing inter-school athletics is a privilege, not a right.  In order to compete for Mt. Douglas in inter-school competition, student-athletes need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at their sporting events, within the school, and in the community.

If a student-athlete fails to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, it may lead to the student’s suspension or removal from the school team.  This would be done in consultation with the team coach, the Athletic Director, the classroom teacher (if applicable), and the school administration.


All competitors must be under nineteen (19) years of age on December 31st of the current school year. (Note: If the competitor has his/her 19th birthday on or after January 1st, he/she is eligible. If his/her birthday falls on or before December 31st, he/she is not eligible.)

All competitors must NOT have completed graduation requirements in the preceding school year, nor have received a senior secondary Certificate of Standing for the completion of graduation requirements during the current school year.

Five Years’ Eligibility: Students have five (5) consecutive years of athletic program eligibility, starting on the entry date into grade 8. A year is considered to be the 12-month period between September of one school year, and September of the next school year.

All competitors must be enrolled in a minimum 75% course load for any semester or school year (a minimum of 3 courses per semester during the sports season of play).

Student Transfer and Eligibility to Play Sports

New students to Mount Doug who were attending a middle school last year, even if this middle school was outside of the Mount Doug catchment area, are automatically eligible for all inter-school sports in grade 9.

If transfers are made after the start of grade 10, students may face one year of ineligibility in sports they competed in at their school the previous year.

Please check with Mount Doug Athletic Director Mr. Ball at and check the B.C. School Sports website for additional information.