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Year 2018-19 


Our Inter-Scholastic Athletic Program endeavours to provide opportunities and instruction towards developing the student athlete’s individual skills, physical fitness, knowledge of team strategies and game rules and ability to work with others towards a team goal. The sports we offer include Volleyball, Field Hockey, Football, Cross Country, Rowing, Rugby, Swimming, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Tennis, Track and Field, Golf, Softball, and Mountain Biking. Follow the link for a complete seasonal list of sports at Mount Doug along with time commitment.

The Rams Football team is a feature unique to Mount Doug. Practices begin the in the third week in August. The league consists of Friday afternoon games starting the first week in September. The Championship playoff games are played at B.C. Place in November.

The BC School Sports Coaches Code of Conduct, Community Coach Application Form, and Volunteer Driver Forms are available to download at the following link – Forms.

Mount Douglas Athletic Philosophy

The coaching staff of Mount Douglas is committed to offering an extra-curricular athletic program that will provide a range of competitive experiences. All participants will have the opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, enjoyment, and experience within each athletic activity. All activities will stress the development of a positive and respectful attitude while provided the opportunity to develop and grow.

We strive to maintain the competitiveness of our teams, yet at the same time, we ensure that each player can make a significant contribution to the team’s success. Generally, players will be placed on teams within their own age categories; however, there may be circumstances when it is clearly advantageous for a student to play in a higher age group, or where there are insufficient numbers to form a team at a lower grade level, players may be merged with a higher age group team. In these cases, the decision to “play up” will be made in consultation with the student, the parents, and coaches concerned.

Junior Teams – Grade 9 / 10

During non-league or exhibition matches, coaches will emphasize maximum participation and skill development for all players. During league play and playoff games, participation will be according to work ethic, commitment to the team, skill level, personal conduct, and coaching strategy / decisions required during a specific game.

Senior Teams – Grade 11 / 12

The senior level is a competitive level and, as such, participation will be based on work ethic, commitment to the team, skill level, personal conduct, and the coach’s discretion.

A History of Pride

There is a deep and rich athletic tradition at Mount Doug that is very impressive when you first experience it. Having arrived at Mount Doug in 1997, I recall watching my first Ram Pep Rally and being blown away by the vocal school pride. This was not just for sports, but also for our dancers and musicians. It just seemed that students liked Mount Doug and were not shy about showing it. At that point, I decided I wanted to be a part of ensuring it continued and I became the Mount Doug Athletic Director. I felt a responsibility to carry on the great work of teachers who had played such a big part of helping create this spirit. People like Stan Gill, Don Puddy, Bill Conconi, Dave Morgan, Monty Fulton, Mary Coutts and Donna Parkinson, just to name a few.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of thousands of athletes and hundreds of coaches, Mount Doug has created a rich tradition of excellence. Walking in to the Mount Doug gym, you need only look at our Wall of Champions in our gym to see the tremendous success that Mount Doug teams have been achieving for many decades. In fact, many of the athletes currently competing for Mount Doug have parents or even grandparents who used to compete for Mount Doug. In addition, many of our current outstanding coaches used to compete for Mount Doug and are working hard to give back to the school that gave so much to them.

To ensure this spirit remains, we plan student friendly activities that celebrate success but also help break down any student barriers or cliques. Our Pep Rallies have become full scale multi- media events with dancers, videos, live bands, pyrotechnics, fashion shows and audience participation events. Of course, sports success is also always a great way to generate school spirit as was very evident this past year when we had a Championship Rally after our Senior Football team won their second consecutive BC title. The noise in the gym was deafening. This was great for not just for those athletes being recognized, but also for all students as they all felt a part of the excitement and pride. For some new students, that was the day that they learned what is was to be a “Ram”.

I am a firm believer that positive spirit created through sports can go a long way to making the school better in many ways. A sense of school pride can help a student’s feeling of attachment to their school and lead to improvement in the classroom. Our participation numbers at Mount Doug continue to be outstanding with almost half of the student body on one of our 30 teams. I hear that students say that Mount Doug is an accepting school and I feel our sports teams play a big role in that.

To all current Mount Doug students and new students joining us, I strongly recommend you take the opportunity to experience Mount Doug Pride first hand by joining one of our teams. We continue to have some of the best coaches in Victoria and they are eager to share their expertise and passion for sport with you.

Go Rams,

Mr. Kidd
Mount Doug Teacher/Athletic Director

Sport Season
Badminton(Jr. & Sr.)Feb - May
BasketballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - March
BasketballGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - March
CheerleadingGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - June
Cross CountryCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
CurlingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Nov - Feb
Field HockeyGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
FootballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Aug - Dec
GolfCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)March - May
RowingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
RugbyBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Jan - May
SoccerBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Jan - May
SoccerGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Feb - May
SwimmingCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
TennisCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)March - June
Track & FieldCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Feb - June
VolleyballBoys (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
VolleyballGirls (Jr. & Sr.)Sept - Nov
WaterpoloCo-ed (Jr. & Sr.)Feb - May


All competitors must be under nineteen (19) years of age on December 31st of the current school year. (Note: If the competitor has his/her 19th birthday on or after January 1st, he/she is eligible. If his/her birthday falls on or before December 31st, he/she is not eligible.)

All competitors must NOT have completed graduation requirements in the preceding school year, nor have received a senior secondary Certificate of Standing for the completion of graduation requirements during the current school year.

Five Years’ Eligibility: Students have five (5) consecutive years of athletic program eligibility, starting on the entry date into grade 8. A year is considered to be the 12-month period between September of one school year, and September of the next school year.

All competitors must be enrolled in a minimum 75% course load for any semester or school year (a minimum of 3 courses per semester during the sports season of play).

Student Transfer and Eligibility to Play Sports

New students to Mount Doug who were attending a middle school last year, even if this middle school was outside of the Mount Doug catchment area, are automatically eligible for all inter-school sports in grade 9.

If transfers are made after the start of grade 10, students may face one year of ineligibility in sports they competed in at their school the previous year.

Please check with Mount Doug Athletic Director Mr. Kidd at and check the B.C. School Sports website for additional information.

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