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The Career Centre has a wide variety of brochures from major colleges and universities in Canada. Up to date post-secondary information from institutions in Canada, the U.S.A., and around the world can also be found online.

As well, the Career Centre uses Education Planner, My Blueprint and Type focus to assist students with post-secondary planning, offers presentations from Post-Secondary Institutions, and assists with applications.Grad cap and diploma


Students need 4-6 ACADEMIC courses for their university application.  See Mt. Doug’s academic list: List of Academic Courses Offered at Mt. Doug

BC Post-Secondary Pathways: required high school courses

Note:  Students/ families need to verify program entrance requirements for their Colleges/Universities choices. The pre-requisites listed are for BC universities. Other provinces may have similar requirements, but please research to confirm courses needed. Note – some universities require a language 11 for direct entrance.

Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities: English 12 (required)

Business: English 12 (required), Pre-Calculus 12 (required)

Engineering and Physics: English 12 (required), Physics 12 (required), Pre-Calculus 12 (required), Calculus 12 (recommended), ICTP 12 (recommended), (Biology 12 and Chemistry 12 are required for certain types of Engineering. e.g. Chemical Engineering)

Sciences: English 12 (required), Physics 11 (required), Chemistry 11 and 12 (required), Biology 12 (required), Biology 11 (recommended for those taking first year Biology), Pre-Calculus 12 (required)

BC Post-Secondary Undergraduate Admission Links 

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UBC      UVIC                


Grade 11 Math Pathways:

If you are registering for Pre-Calculus 11, recommended science choices for this pathway are Chemistry 11, Physics 11 or Biology 11 (you may need to take more than one Science elective if you are going into Sciences)

If you are taking Foundations of Math 11, recommended science elective is Biology 11 or Earth Science 11.

If you are taking Apprentice and Workplace Math 11, your science recommendation is Earth Science 11.

Additional Websites of Interest

Education Planner – Apply to many post secondary institutions

NEW – Post-Secondary BC – Info for parents, students, and counsellors

English Language Proficiency

If you do not meet the English Language Proficiency requirements, which differ at each college or university, you must take one of these tests and submit your results: