Student Support Services

Counselling Services

Mount Douglas currently has two school counsellors and one Youth and Family counsellor. Ms. Jory and Ms. Lindsay provide assistance in course planning and support in dealing with personal issues. Please email the appropriate counsellor to access service:

Ms. Jory – Last names A-B, See- Z, and all fee-paying international students

Ms. Lindsay – Last names C-Sco

Ms. Reid supports students with social/emotional and family issues.

Ms. Paquin is our international student advisor.

The office staff are available to provide services such as transcript copying  and attendance checks for parents and students.

Distributed Learning Courses (self-paced)

Self-paced courses are for students who need to upgrade a course mark or who are unable to fit a course into their timetable. These courses are self-directed, with assistance from the teacher only as needed. The general expectation is that a course shall be completed in one semester but at the student’s pace.

For more information on distributed learning courses, students should contact their counsellor.

English Language Centre

In addition to specific English Language Learner (ELL) courses , the Mount Douglas English Language Development Centre is a place where students can receive support to strengthen their current abilities in English reading, writing and oral conversation. Staff are available to support and assist students who drop-in during tutorial times.

Examples of such support includes:

  • Help with classroom work
  • Test and provincial exam preparation
  • Reading practice
  • Editing for written work
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary development

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies is a course available to students who may require additional support. During the course, students learn strategies that will assist their learning. Students will have the opportunity to use these strategies as they pursue their course work. Students will receive a grade for the course and be expected to complete the assigned course work.

This course also allows the teacher to have daily contact with the student and monitor student progress. The primary goal of Learning Strategies is to provide students with the skills required to be successful in their school work and in their pursuit of success in adulthood.

Peer Tutoring 10/11/12Peer Tutoring photo

The Peer Tutoring program provides strong academic student tutors to assist students with homework, reviewing concepts and studying for exams. They also provide encouragement and support to “stay on top of things”.

Drop in to the Career Centre Monday – Friday after school.  Just look for the “PEER TUTORS ARE IN” sign. We also have a draw for a free pizza once per month and other treats!

Resource Room Assistance

The Resource Room program at Mount Douglas assists those students who may encounter learning challenges at the high school level. The purpose of the program is to provide the necessary support for students in regular and special course work. Entry into the program is usually through consultation with a school counselor.

Students on a modified program will also be provided with materials and instruction in the following areas: literacy, numeracy and life skills.