All families with students at Mount Doug Secondary Schools are members of the RAM Parent Advisory Committee (RAMPAC). Our meetings are the third Wednesday of October, November, January, February, March (2nd Wednesday), April, May and June. We elect new board members in June for the positons of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members-at-Large. Our meetings are open to all school families and students who wants to attend. The Principal reports at each meeting and we host school trustees and school district staff.

The RAMPAC’s purpose is to facilitate exceptional educational, social, arts, and athletic opportunities for the students and staff at Mount Doug. We also act as a conduit of communication between the school administration and families. We comment on school and district priorities, advocating for our students. Beginning in 2018/19, we will award a BCCPAC Scholarship to a graduating student. There are several opportunities afforded us by our membership in the VCPAC and BCCPAC regarding educational opportunities. If you are interested in attending a VCPAC sponsored conference or facilitating an education event for parents at the school – please let us know.

We host an Open House in early September and each June hold a Teacher Appreciation barbeque. Our primary means of communication with families is through email and occasional newsletters. Our primary sources of funding are the BC Gaming Grants for PACs and the Donation Drive.

We welcome ideas for building our school community. We believe all members of our community can make a positive contribution.

Questions? Don’t know how to get involved? Would like to help with the Teacher Appreciation BBQ? Have a resource to offer? Contact the RAMPAC at rampac@vcpac.ca we would love to hear from you!

2018-2019 Executive:
Carren Dujela, Chair
Vacant, Vice-Chair
Allen Gunderson, Treasurer
Elisa Linuzzi, Secretary
Lisa Gunderson, VCPAC Representative
Christi-Ann Lucas, Member-at-Large
Vacant, Member-at-Large

2018-19 RAMPAC Approved budget