Locker Instructions for Students 2023-2024

Sign in to Student Connect with your district credentials (Student number, and password) : and go to the Lockers

Choose your Location/Zone shown below. A ZONE Map is below.

Choose your locker number carefully.

DO NOT SHARE your locker combination with anyone. If your name is assigned to a locker YOU are the one responsible for the contents of that locker. 

You can log-in to Student Connect at any time and see your locker assignment and combination. 

Students can’t change their locker assignment; only a School Administrator can.

SCREENSHOT your locker number and combination to your phone.

Locker Number           Location

1001 – 1214                Zone A – East Wing Main (First Floor outside French Rooms/Automotive)
1215 – 1280                Zone B – South Wing Main (First Floor past the library)
1281 – 1378                Zone C – Outside Breezeway Rooms 121, 122, 123
2001 – 2184                Zone D – East Wing (Second Floor near Business Ed/Foods Room)
2185 – 2386                Zone E – South Wing (Second Floor near Science Rooms)

To Open Your Lock:
Turn knob twice to RIGHT (clockwise) stopping at xx
Turn knob to LEFT (counter clockwise) one whole turn past above number stopping at xx
Turn knob to RIGHT (clockwise) stopping at xx

** Please note: The school is not responsible for items lost or stolen from lockers. Students are advised to leave all valuables at home. Lockers are school property and are not considered private space. Administrators may open and inspect lockers at any time for reasons of health, safety or security.

PE change-room Lockers will be available for students registered in PE. Students will need to bring their own personal lock so that they can secure their valuables in a Change-room locker during their PE Class only (it will be expected that the contents and lock are removed and taken home after each class). Locks for PE can  be purchased at the Accounts window beside the main office.