Leadership Update – Spring

Many leadership events have taken place since our last update.

Santa’s breakfast was a hit, with the highest attendance record ever.  The teacher skit, free food, and various performances from the junior dancers and students singers, made this social event a home run!

Mount Doug doesn’t just focus on having fun though.  The Ministry of Environment has spent months promoting green initiatives, including the YesBC Youth Conference for Environmental Stewardship bringing environmental awareness to theRecycle symbol school.  They have continued sorting the school recycling, and picking up classroom recycling every week.  This ministry also helps students realize the importance of recycling for the global and local community.  Students improve their communication skills by interacting with various other leadership students and staff members.  Currently, they have initiated a year-long project of revamping the recycling stations at the school.   The task of building a series of effective, efficient, aesthetically-pleasing and environmental friendly recycling stations has been initiated and planned, designed and carried out by Mount Douglas students which not only shows the amount of concern and care we have for our environment, but also shows our unbreakable spirit.

Not just environmental awareness is promoted at Mount Doug.  The Ministry of Local Community and Youth Combating Intolerance Club have worked hard to sponsor the anti-bullying Pink Day, and promote anti-bullying workshops.

Along with environmental and social awareness and socializing, Mount Doug loves athletics.  Our Senior Boys football went to the provincial championships for the fourth year in a row, coming second to South Delta.  Our Ministry of Sports and Recreation organized outstanding dodge ball intra murals.  The champion team was Team Blue Balls, composed of twelve graduating students.  Next they’re hosting soccer intra murals, and team sports include girls’ rugby, co-ed track and field, girls’ soccer and mens’ rugby.

As always, the tech team has been absolutely fabulous.  The Ministry of Technology has faithfully supported the entirety of student council, as well as the rest of the school.  These dedicated tech savvy youth manage to attend all the school concerts, social events and assemblies, arriving early and staying late to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Because of them, we’re not living in the dark ages.

Submitted by Lizzie Bomford, Mount Doug Tri-Prime Minister