Math Results 2017

Mount Douglas High School has achieved some incredible results in provincially, nationally and internationally recognized math competitions this past school year.  Have a look below to see some of the results!

Provincial Math Challengers Competition

Grade 9 team:     1st on Vancouver Island

( 5 of the top 10 individual finalists on Vancouver Island)

University of Waterloo National and International Math Competitions*

Pascal Competition (Gr. 9):     1st Vancouver Island  (27th Nationally)

Cayley Competition (Gr. 10):     1st Vancouver Island

Fermat Competition (Gr. 11):     4th Vancouver Island

Euclid Competition (Gr. 12):     2nd Vancouver Island

*Over 60 students who participated in these competitions were recognized as being in the top 25% of all Canadian contestants.

*4 medals will be awarded to Mount Douglas High School for individual results

University of Waterloo International Math Competitions

Fryer Competition (Gr. 9):     1st in Zone  (Plaque awarded)

Galois Competition (Gr. 10):     1st in Zone  (Plaque awarded)