Report Cards 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian or Student,

Your child’s Final Report Card has been published to the MyEd Student Portal.  Acces can be gained by using the Student MyEd username and password to view.

  • Same user name and password
  • If you forgot user name it is likely first initial, last name For example Phil Pitre would be If you have forgotten your password please click “I forgot my password”
  • You will likely be prompted to change your password during login\

MyEd navigation and login guides for the Student Portal are available at:

Once you have logged in, the Report Card will be under the Published Reports section shown on the right of the home page.  Double click on the report card PDF file(s) and you will be provided with options to Open or Save the report card.  (If your student has multiple report cards, there will be separate PDF’s.) Once you have viewed your child’s report card(s), please save it and print it for your files if you wish.  The PDF Report cards will be deleted early in the next school year.

If you have difficulties accessing MyEd, contact Vice Principal Mr. (Phillip) Pitre at:  Do not send requests for assistance to the general school email address.  When requesting assistance, please put “Student Portal” in the subject line and be sure to include the student’s name in the email.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s individual course marks or comments, please contact the appropriate teacher by email.

My Ed Student Portal Login: