Stewards of the Future

A group of twelve Grade 10 and 11 students spent the weekend of June 5 to 7 at Pearson college in Metchosin as part of the Stewards of the Future conference organized by BC’s Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon.  Her honour is seen here with Ben Zheng.Steward - Ben Zheng ok for website

Six of the grade ten students presented their work on Invasive Species that was funded by the Stewards Program.  The students had produced professional level identification cards which were used to teach other students in their two Challenge Science classes about the invasive species in the Gordon Head area.  The classes removed some large patches of Blackberry from Mount Tolmie with the assistance of Dave Lock of the Mount Tolmie conservancy.  The 55 students also mapped the four invasives in the area surrounding the school and gave out information sheets to the households that were surveyed.

Steward - Jenny Yu and mentorThe conference students worked in ten different theme groups based on sustainability with students from across BC.  Each group was mentored by experts in each field such as Guy Dauncey, seen here with Jenny Yu, who mentored the Energy Group.  There were a number of excellent guest speakers as well as a trip out to the Race Rocks ecological reserve.  On the last day, the students presented their findings on their themes.

This program provided an excellent way to work with like minded students from across the province and learn more about the interconnecting issues that affect our society.