Superpower Your School Grant

Superpower your school article 

Hello Mount Douglas Secondary!

My name is Ryan Anbudaiyan and I am a grade 11 student here at Mount Doug. In February, I applied on behalf of our school for Staples’ “Superpower Your School Grant.” Staples was looking to award the grant to a school that consistently made conscious efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. More than that, however, Staples wanted a school that was an environmental leader within its own community. As a member of Mount Doug’s Environmental Leadership program, I knew that Mount Doug perfectly fit this criteria. That is why I originally applied (with guidance and encouragement from many staff members). Our school’s numerous student-led green initiatives are not only diverse, but also incredibly effective. Such initiatives include our recycling program, student-led green workshops, and our “One Planet Saanich ” commitments. Mount Doug students have also been working for years on Mt. Tolmie to protect native species and the remaining Garry Oak ecosystem. Nearby, our senior students act as mentors for Arbutus middle schoolers and assist them with their own projects. And all this is to say nothing of our newly constructed school garden that was fund raised for and built by students.

With all this in mind, I am extremely excited to announce that last week, Mount Doug was selected as one of the two secondary school winners across BC and the Yukon for the “Superpower Your School Grant.” As a result, Mount Doug will be the recipient of $20,000 worth of new technology! This is absolutely monumental news and we all have lots of reason to celebrate!

I am currently in discussion with all the Mount Doug staff on the best way to use these funds to further the goals of the school. I want the technology we receive to carry on our tradition of environmental innovation but at the same time, I want it to see no boundaries. I hope it impacts all aspects of our school life and that it has tangible benefits for every single Mount Doug student.

Congratulations Mount Doug and thank you Staples Canada for promoting environmental awareness!

  • Ryan Anbudaiyan