Rainbow Tuesday

Mount Doug is a school community that values the diversity of its students, and on “Rainbow Tuesday” this was made clear in flying colours. Hosted by the Mount Doug GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance Club), this fun event highlighted and promoted Mount Doug’s commitment to creating and maintaining a supportive, positive, and inclusive school culture for all students. A rainbow flag, representing the beauty in our diversity, has been hung in the front foyer, rainbow bracelets and (temporary) tattoos were distributed to students who wanted to wear one, and many wonderful conversations about freedom, safety, rights, acceptance and celebration of our differences (and similarities) occurred.

Rainbox Tuesday GSA

GSA Club Sponsors – Ms. Taylor and Ms. Dukes

School District #61 is committed to building learning communities free of any form of discrimination, including homophobia. When students feel safe and comfortable at school, they can focus on achieving their educational and personal goals. Congratulations to the fine leadership and citizenship of Mount Doug students and teachers for their commitment to ensuring our school is a great place to be – and a safe place to be – every day, for every student.  Stay tuned for Rainbow Cupcakes Craziness in the New Year.