Memories From 1967

Roy: “There were many people who were there for 3 years. There were about 550 students at that time.

Our version of a computer lab was the typing room. Many people took it as it was considered an easy course although no one actually expected to use their typing skills in the future. How wrong they were.

The Teachers

“The principal in 1967 was memorable. Mr. Forster often taught my math class and I later came to know that he also taught my future father-in-law back in the 1930’s. After all that time he was still very passionate about teaching but had lost his patience with students who were not motivated. He also was very cutting when a student did something ‘stupid’. ”

Good Memories

“We did have a bomb scare in 1967. Everyone stood around hoping specific rooms might be the target but the only result was a short time outside on a beautiful day.

Our Grad was held in the old Crystal Garden Pool. One of the grad activities was a caravan of cars which travelled over to Saltspring Island and drove to the top of the mountain. Not very exciting, but a lot of people joined in and I remember everyone seemed to have a good time.