Memories From 1973

Val Scott (Collier): Grad of 1973

The School

“I was with a group of students who attended the old Gordon Head Junior High (now Mt. Doug building) for our grade 8 and 9 years. We were then split down the middle and 1/2 were sent to Cedar Hill Junior High and 1/2 to Arbutus. At the time, we didn’t realize what an effect the split had on us. Playing against each other in our grade 10 year at interschool sports was very difficult to say the least. Needless to say, we were ever so glad to reunite at Mt. Doug for grade 11.”

“I think that the students all “hung around” in small groups depending on interests; the jocks, the band group, the techies (forerunners of computer geeks), as probably is the same today. Don’t believe your paths won’t cross again even though you are a large student body. I live in a small Alberta town, (pop. 8,000) and over the 22 years I have lived here have run into 3 people I graduated with but didn’t know at all at Mt Doug. As well, probably another half dozen Mt. Doug and Oak Bay alumni of various years have called this little town home! ”

We had 3 portables on the front lawn, not sure if they’re still there and a small parking lot out front that was always a battle to get a spot in. We had some wonderful teachers and some not so popular ones, as is probably the case now too! Bomb scares were a popular way of getting Friday afternoons off, treated a little less seriously than they would be today.”

Good Memories

“I have very fond memories of managing the girls field hockey team with another student and going with the team to Grand Forks where it snowed before our provincial final tournament (we won!) and where we were all introduced to Ukrainian food, many of us for the first time. We were very proud of our school and cheered our purple and gold teams with great enthusiasm. The school gym would be packed to the rafters for a Friday night basketball game. Many provincial championships were brought home during the two years I attended. Our graduation was held in the Lansdowne gym because ours wasn’t big enough.”