The 1970’s – Mr. Fulton

Mr. Fulton began teaching at Mount Douglas High School since the year it opened in this building in 1970. He retired from the school in 2003.

The School

“Mount Doug took over the sports scene in the early 1970s. Until then Oak Bay had been the dominant school in sports.

The far end of the school was added on in 1973-1974 along with the addition to the gym. In 1970 Mount Doug had around 710 to 720 students. By the later 70’s Mount Doug had an enrollment of over 1000. There were four annexes in front of the school- 2 for outdoor (1973-1986) education and leadership(1974-now).

In the 1970s there was not as much emphasis on the academic aspect of school. Teachers had one spare per day. Clubs were a big thing amongst students and the halls were often crowded until 4:00. There were more elective courses such as sewing and cooking.”